Mitt Romney hos Letterman

Top Ten Things You Don't Know About Mitt Romney (jag gillar åttan):

10.) Mitt is short for Mitt-thew.

9.) I can’t begin my day until I’ve read the Washington Post and Kim Kardashian’s tweets.

8.) I’m the guy in the photo that comes with your picture frame.

7.) I spent six months in a Mexican prison for selling black market Pillow Pets.

6.) Do I smell as good as I look? No!

5.) In high school, I was voted “Mittiest.”

4.) I got into politics for the piles and piles of paperwork.

3.) Look for my best-selling biography, “They Call Me Baba Romney.”

2.) I have absolutely no idea where my birth certificate is.

1.) Oprah is my half-sister.

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