My journey with Edwards

Tricia Miller skriver med inlevelse om de fem månader då hon dagligen följde John Edwards i spåren. Mycket läsvärt.

As a member of Edwards’ traveling press corps for five months (I’m only the silver medalist -- one reporter had been traveling with him full-time for longer), I saw the two-time presidential candidate on good days and bad. In his last days, Edwards finally got the cold that had already made its way through his traveling press corps. The cold was a late consequence for the long days we had all experienced. Even before the first 36-hour campaign swing in Iowa, we were exhausted. No one can say that the former North Carolina senator didn’t give the race his all.

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Anonym sa...

Det hade varit intressant att få veta mer ingånde hur staben reagera på de rykten som florerade om att Edwards hade en älskarinna som han dessutom gjort med barn: