Rätten till allt

Det finns förslag om att man som arbetstagare ska ha rätt till att jobba heltid. Det finns också förslag om att man ska ha rätt att jobba deltid. Båda förslagen har tagits emot positivt av regeringen. Med andra ord - du som arbetstagare ska ha rätt diktera för arbetsgivaren precis hur du ska jobba.

2 kommentarer:

Mikke sa...

and any employer who hires someone in Sweden must have a hole in their head.

Mikke sa...

Seriously though, has anybody looked at the Contractor approach and how that is growing in Sweden? One way many companies are getting around all the rules and regulations are by hiring a Contractor. That can be a single person or a separate company that does nothing but provides staff to big companies. You can then force the contractor to provide services acoording to a written contract. Does any of the rules of a permament employee cover this situation too? I know you can fire a contractor the same day if you want to.